Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Here is the whole CIEE group right before our hike

Every sunset is picturesque here

Here is my plate of traditional Botswana food. (Don't ask me for names)

A neighborhood in Gabs

Several of us at the top of Kgale hill

Gabs from the top of Kgale
Hills of Botswana

A traditional Botswana dance.


  1. Great pictures! Do they salt those fried worms?

  2. Thomas, the people of Bostwana have great smiles, or you bring those smiles to them. not sure which. What is the temperature there day and night? Do they have Mosquitos, or is that assumed? love the pictures. keep them coming. Learn lots, but have equally as much fun as knowledge.

  3. Jean, thanks for your comment and support. It is very hot here. Most days are in the mid 90s, but nights get down to great temperatures (60s and 70s). The bugs here are not so bad. Southern Botswana is very dry so the bugs are not too bad. Luckily the mosquitos in this area are not Malaria carriers either, so we only have to worry about that when we go to the North.

    Thanks for reading! Hope all is well with you.